Everest, at last

I can be a bit lazy and I’m also a bit cheap. I want something little and fast that will do benchmarks for me and simply act as an inducement to something larger. I also don’t want evaluation – intentionally broken – software. Meet today’s contender for my satisfaction, Everest, by Canadian-Hungarian outfit Lavalys.

Initial prospects are not good; the English download page is entirely in Hungarian. Thankfully, their Web designers have followed a universal formula for yes and no and I am taken to a 2.8 MB download that promises me lots of features. These temptations are nothing to be taken lightly; they include HTML reporting and tape drive support.

Does it deliver? Oh yes, yes, it does. It has the full rundown of SMART diagnostics, broken into helpful sections and includes information that I would normally have to dig around in the beige mess of USB cables for. The benchmarks are embarrassing but useful and the report contains all the helpful bits of XP-like system information and device manager in one little GUI. There’s a professional version on the table as well, if you’re a sucker for modern XML reports or if you love Oracle. Highly recommended, this is one of the few downloads I’ll probably use again.

Clicky for the diagnostic love.