Is There A Way Gmail Can Alert Me Of New Messages?

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! – The IT industry’s answer to the help column, only slightly more medicated. Today, Anthony writes:

Matt, I have a Gmail account and love it more than anything! My question is, how can I get it to alert me when mail arrives? You know, something like YahooPOPs that Chris featured on Call for Help a year or so back. Please help me.

Well Anthony, I personally have been quite found of a program called Gmail Notifier. Unlike all of the other programs out there that claim to work, this is an actual tool offered by Google to alert you when e-mail arrives in your Gmail account. The program will give you a visual alert and show you the subject of the incoming e-mail. When you click the link that appears, it will whisk you away to your Gmail account so you can see what the latest messages are. Hope this helps!

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