JazzMutant Lemur

Feeling your way around the sounds, are we? Sorry, I just had to go all “Yoda” on my readers today. At any rate, I discovered a device at Gizmodo called the JazzMutant Lemur which will change the way you interface with OpenSoundControl-capable software. Real control with a serious piece of hardware. Definately worth checking out.

The JazzMutant LEMUR is a “MultiTouch Control Surface”—a touch-sensitive tablet, in demarketroided terms—that is designed to act as an interface for a variety of OpenSoundControl-capable software, including Reaktor. It’s not the hardware that makes it unique, exactly, but the library of modular control interfaces that can be put together to control music software in real-time. It can also be used to control video and light hardware, as well, which is very futuristic of it.