System recovery with Knoppix

Knoppix is the most well known of all Linux live CDs and maybe of all Linux distros. There is a good reason for that it’s a powerful system rescue tool that’s fairly easy to use. Unleashing the power of Knoppix requires a bit of practice so here’s another tutorial that you can add to your Knoppix arsenal.

“This article shows how to access a non-booting Linux system with a Knoppix CD, get read-write permissions on configuration files, create and manage partitions and filesystems, and copy files to various storage media and over the network. You can use Knoppix for hardware and system configuration detection and for creating and managing partitions and filesystems. You can do it all from Knoppix’s excellent graphical utilities, or from the command line.”

Full article here. There are some excellent resources listed at the bottom of the page be sure to check them out.