Centrino Drivers for Linux

If you’ve recently purchased a laptop with Intel’s Centrino technology but have been using a wireless PC card because you don’t have Linux drivers for the Centrino chipset, have I got a site for you! There’s a SourceForge project page for the Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 chipset that’s in use in the Centrino systems.

There’s a small catch, though: you’re going to need to be running a 2.6 series kernel. 2.6.4 or greater, to be exact. Older versions of the drivers have patches for the 2.4 series of kernels, but they’re no longer supported. You’re also going to need the Wireless Extensions and Tools packages, and the respective links are available on the site.

A related link is the RFSwitch project, which “enables users to change the status of their wireless card’s radio on laptops which do not use a hardware-based wireless radio switch.” RFSwitch’s laptop matrix should help you determine if you will need this package for your laptop.

If you haven’t made your purchase and you’re an HP and/or SuSE fan, check out HP’s nx5000 laptop. They offer it with SuSE Linux HP Edition 9.1 which has HP’s wireless tools built in.