Let’s stomp some CDs, Hoss!

CD labels, yuck! Personally they irritate me to no end and I have no use for them. I use a much simpler method that involves a black marker and with a steady hand. For most of you, this most likely does not even begin to meet your needs. Lucky for you I stumbled upon this contraption by Casio called the KLD-300. This wild turkey can print text directly to the CD/DVD!

Definitely a step up from playing the “label game” and without a doubt much more effective than using a silly, old black marker. Now before you go tossing your CD label tools into the garbage, you should be aware that the KLD-300 is only available in Japan! Grrr, that really bites, man. I wanted one so badly. :o(

It’s so good when someone takes a pretty stupid idea that no one has really questioned—like CD stompers and sticker labels, for instance—and upped it a few notches creatively and technically. Enter Casio’s KLD-300, which can print things directly to your DVD/CDs; hot damn, we’re plum hooked on this idea.