Truckers Tycoon – Big Rigs On Patrol?

Everywhere I turn these days it is all about the sim-type games. I have to wonder, though, is it the feeling of power that people are so attracted to, or what? Anyway, here in the near future you will have the opportunity to get started on that trucking empire you’ve been wanting to get underway with a little help from the Truckers Tycoon video game. Unlike in the real world, you can play as fairly and with as much concern as you choose.

I might have to check this one out. It does appeal to my business side with the bulk of the gameplay being the operation of a successful trucking business. Still, it might also turn out to be really boring and a waste of money like SimWorld turned out to be. Hey, it could happen. ;o)

“Truckers Tycoon” is a new economical strategy, in which player will try himself out in a role of a transport empire owner. Management of staff and goods transportation flow, search and realization of opportunities for company development, strategic business planning, improvement of car park and solution finding for everyday problems – “Truckers Tycoon” promises to become on of the most developed representatives of its genre. Game developers pay huge attention to details: you will be able, for example, participate in creation of company’s advertising campaigns, to have direct influence on its effect – the number of obtained customers and general image of the company.