Asheron’s Call 2: An expansion pack is on the way

Never had much time to play much of the massively multiplayer games that are out there. If the opportunity did in fact present itself, then Asheron’s Call 2 would definitely on my list of games to try out. As it turns out, this game continues to see growth with the coming release of the Fallen King expansion pack.

You know, that is one thing about PC games that always made me smile. The fact that it is so easy to expand on a current game through expansion packs. Best part is that it is not just limited there. There are often times mods that can be found for many games that allow you to tweak things to the next level.

Turbine Entertainment will publish an expansion pack for its 3D massively multiplayer role-playing game, Asheron’s Call 2. That game, one of the most popular titles among all MMORPGs, was released in November 2002. While the game has come in for almost monthly content updates, the game’s developer and publisher, Turbine, are offering up even more goodies in the upcoming addition.
Titled Asheron’s Call 2: Legions, the expansion pack will ship with the original game code. The expansion will include all 20 previously released content updates, as well as additional content and a new storyline.