Mobile phone throwing record destroyed

And they say that Americans do weird things. There is some wacko contest in Germany in which the contestants enter to see who can throw their mobile phone the farthest. A real surprise to me. I thought the western nations really liked wireless communications. OK, that was not really that funny.

Still, I still have to ask myself what possible reason is thee for a contest like this? Then again, it does sound like it might be fun. Now, if they had a contest where you got to throw your wireless bill…I think you get my drift. ;o)

While the country may be mourning the downsizing of its huge Opel car-manufacturing plant, citizens can take solace in the fact that when it comes to the rarely contested sport of mobile throwing they are the best, non pareil.

Nico Morawa beat the former record of 65.80 metres, set four years by Heiko Scholl. Both come from the town of Kamenz which seems to be on the map for being the birthplace of the poet Lessing, being a branch line of the Bischofswerda railway and now rightly famed for chucking technology about.