Farewell, Web 1.0! We Hardly Knew Ye

Farewell, Web 1.0! We Hardly Knew Ye by Steven Levy – Web 1.0 was making the Net for people. Web 2.0 is making the Internet better for computers. Are you ready for the new Web? It’s getting ready for you. It turns out that bidding on eBay, gathering with Meetup and Googling on, um, Google are only the opening scenes in a play whose running time will top “Mahabharata.” While we’ve been happily browsing, buying and blogging, the tech set has been forging clever new tools and implementing powerful standards that boost the value of information stored on and generated by the Net. Things may look the same as the old Web, but under the hood there’s been some serious tinkering, and after years of hype among propeller-heads, some of the effects are finally arriving. That was the big takeaway last week at a conference in San Francisco called Web 2.0. This article has been added to the article section of Deep Web Research Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.