And even more media players!

Argh! It’s like attack of the media players this year! Feels like every article I go to read has something to do with media players in some capacity. But unlike the media players of years past, today’s devices also include a number of new features.

Take the JaceTech DDP-1500 PMP, for instance. It has a big color screen, a camera module, and the ability to play video, as well. To me, it is beginning to look like the iPod has a little catching up to do. Then again, I never bought into the marketing hype in the first place. ;o)

Those 20GB players are sprouting like weeds, man; good weeds, mind you. Three new personal media players (PMPs), the JaceTech DDP-1500, imuon PMP-AH120A, and Sytec Systems MVP-100, are being released in Asia as we speak. They all sport 20GB hard drives, but some also include big color screens, camera modules, video playback with video out, FM tuners, and the usual lot of pretty much everything.