What Bloggers Want (2)

This one will be really quick. I deal with a lot of new bloggers – so new in fact that their “Hello World” posts may still be visible on their main index page.

They all seem to have the same question: “What do I blog about?”

This should give you some idea. Read between the lines of everything you read and write about that. Throw in a little personality, punch it up with an opinionated slant and you’re laughing. Yes, I know it’s cryptic, but you’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

Here’s a little snippit from an email exchange I was recently a part of:

Paul – “The blogosphere is sort of like a huge knowledge
base the ‘powers that be’ can draw from for the most
current trends in people’s thinking.”

C – “Powers that be? Feh. We’re the powers that are. ;)”

Very profound. Understand that and you’ll be at the top of the blogging food chain in no time.