Time To Stop Whining, Forsooth!

Excerpts from Outsourcing Realities: Time to Stop Whining by Edward Yourdon

Information technology was the first of the white-collar industries to have experienced offshore outsourcing, but the phenomenon has now spread to call centers, help desks, tax processing, mortgage approvals, medical technicians and a long list of other knowledge-based professions. And virtually every pundit and research firm has the same prognosis for the next several years: more of the same.

While the loss of 10 percent to 20 percent of IT-related jobs would indeed have
a significant impact on the overall national economy (assuming that such jobs
were not replaced by other, economically equivalent jobs), the personal impact
of such a scenario is fundamentally different than it was for the auto workers,
steel workers and textile workers a decade or two ago.


On a personal level, what all of us need to do is ensure that our employers
don’t conclude that we’re in the bottom 10 percent to 20 percent of the IT work
force. Ideally, we should find some way to put ourselves into the top 10
percent to 20 percent, where our jobs are likely to remain safe, and we should
realize that we’re exposed to an increasingly greater degree of risk as we sink
into the lower 60 percent to 80 percent. But the bottom 10 percent to 20
percent are, for all practical purposes, doomed to lose their jobs sooner or
later, regardless of what the politicians do or don’t do. [Full article here…]