Predictions Database

In 1995, who said, “I think that very, very large interests are looking at the Internet, not really understanding what it is, but thinking ‘We can make a fortune if we have one of those!’ You know, they want to get in there, it’ll be broadcast television again. But of course that’s not going to be it?” None other than William Gibson. This and 9,999 other quotable predictions about the ‘net are available at Imagining the Internet, a project of Elon University and the Pew Internet and American Life Project. They collected predictions about the Internet made from 1990 – 1995 by a thousand people in positions to know what they were talking about. The remarks were catalogued in a browseable and searchable database. You can search by: Predictor’s Name; Topic; Subtopic; Date of Prediction; Date of Publication; Publication Title; Medium of Prediction; Author of Publication; Article or Chapter Title; Page or URL. There’s also a searchable database of brief biographies of the predictors. It’s not too late–you can participate. Right now the predictions are anonymous, but still interesting to browse through.

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