A True Community Cookbook

Snackster is a powerful cookbook program that redefines how people will get their recipes. Snackster is the world’s best peer to peer recipe sharing program. Unlike other popular file sharing networks Snackster is dedicated to only cooking.

Snackster was created to fill the void of cooking online. While there are plenty of cookbook programs online, most lacked features and ease of use. Snackster utilizes unique features to make cooking easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

  • Manage and share your favorite recipes
  • Fully featured friends list
  • Chat with other cooking enthusiasts
  • Skinable interface

I remember writing a simple “food tips” document a few years ago for friends who wanted to know what I was eating on a regular basis. Don’t ask me why, but… I did it for ’em, anyway. My problem with cookbooks is that you have to be precise with measurements. BTW, when Snackster crashes, it goes: BAM!