I'm the Scrabble Champion

Nothing like a game of Scrabble to BOLSTER (double letter score on the B, triple word score total, plus I just used all of my letters) a relationship. We’ve only played one or two rounds in recent months, but I have a feeling this classic word game is going to trump all evening activities. It’s much more exciting to one-up your opponent by adding ER to the end of her HIGH. Scrabble is not quite as competitive as Monopoly, although I know we need to get a better dictionary. I gave up arguing about words that truly existed – like KWYJIBO. We have some deluxe anniversary edition, with blue tiles and a lazy susan-styled game board. It can be quite a challenge to play against an intellectual equal, although I fondly miss the days when my vocabulary was limited to POOP and BIN. So, when was the last time you faced a few of your friends for rounds of word battle? Scrabble isn’t just for the smart ones, ya know. Scrabble is for those of you who lost half of your Battleship pegs, too! Last night was one of my better scores, after I added a simple AC to the front of QUIT – which pushed me into the lead. However, Scrabble is one of those games where you never know who’s going to win until the very end. One small move, with only one single letter, can easily turn the tide. You have to be WISE with the placement of your cache. Though, as most of you know, half of it is resting on the LUCK of the DRAW.

I’ve never been in an official Scrabble tournament largely because I play for fun. It’s a competitive effort, but not at the COST of my sanity. And as much as I’m a big “computer” guy, I don’t even own a digital edition (CD) of it. A few years ago, I’d log into online Scrabble games when I had time to kill. Real-world Scrabble is a lot more nerve-wracking. Our SCRABBOX (it’s a word, look it up) is in the closet right now. What I might do is find a network-friendly version of the game and we can play it throughout the day (non-intrusively). Scrabble by e-mail, I’m sure it’s been done before. When I lose, I get SCRABBY (which is when you’re upset after being defeated in Scrabble). I’m the reigning Scrabble champion of the house, but only because Wicket hasn’t figured out the difference between vowels and consonants yet. Pixie’s still working on Jenga, BTW. That said, Ponzi is the best Scrabble “partner” I’ve ever had. She doesn’t take too long to place her FATE, and every once in a while, she’ll get up from the table to fetch a few SCNACKS (Scrabble munchies, the first C is silent). I think she knows I hold a degree in English? Well, if not – I’m not going to ruin my winning STREAK (double word score). Otherwise, I might be SCREWED (which is hosing your Scrabble hand before it gets played).