Fleet Management Software, Ahoy!

Need to keep track of your rolling stock? Fleet management
software helps you stay on top of that vehicle collection. The latest
fleet management software uses Global Positioning System (GPS)
technology to pinpoint the location of each and every vehicle at any
given point in time. But fleet management software is not all about the
whiz bang stuff. Rather, it can focus on a variety of criteria, where
the seemingly mundane makes or breaks a budget …

Maintenance schedule management is one of the most important
features of a comprehensive fleet management program. By ensuring that
preventive maintenance is performed, expensive repairs can be avoided
down the road. Is it as simple as keeping the oil changed? Well, lets
just say that’s just a start. Following (or bettering) the
manufacturer’s maintenance schedule goes a long way to helping a
vehicle lead a long and healthy life. A solid fleet management software
solution will make it easier to adhere to that schedule. For the longer
you can extend the productive life of a vehicle, the better.

Whether you use an in-house repair shop or an outside garage,
comprehensive record keeping of repairs is a big positive, as well.
Mechanics are a step ahead of the game when they can look at the
records and know exactly when and why a part was replaced. Cumulative
information on tire wear can help the fleet manager make better
informed decisions with regard to the specification of replacements.

Fleet tracking is a mission critical application with many companies
that use fleet management software. With GPS, you can know exactly
where your rolling hardware is … whether it’s a truck that’s just
around the corner and about to make a delivery, or a technical engineer
stuck in a traffic jam on the Interstate.

You’ll find a wide range of fleet management software solutions,
with programs from Agile, Chevin, collectiveData, FleetMax, McLeod,
RTA, TATEMS, Squarerigger, Teletrac, and many other vendors.