Let’s oversimplify!

Why use terms that people understand and instead, go for something that sounds a lot like technobabble. Internet Week reports that Symantec has decided to stop using terms like “security” and “availability” in order to use terms like “Information Integrity”. On what planet did this make sense?

In an enterprise environment, I suppose that this makes sense when first looking at it. However, this type of terminology is certain to begin spilling over into the consumer market where most people have no clue how to use an anti-virus program properly.

Symantec this week ushered in a new way to sell its security products: Leave terms like “security” and “availability” at the doorstep and instead introduce customers to the concept of “Information Integrity,” CEO John Thompson said.

To help resellers illustrate the importance of Information Integrity, Symantec, Cupertino, Calif., introduced a new Web-based sales consulting tool called Inform. The company said the tool, a free service that resellers can self-brand, should be available for general use early next year.