Good News: CWShredder Back in the Fight

CWShredder, the only free program known to successfully detect and remove all variants of the Cool Web Search browser hijacker, is back in the fight. After its developer, Dutch college student Merijn Bellekom, called it quits this past June, CWShredder was no longer being updated. Now, Merijn has licensed the CWShredder source code and rights to Intermute, a provider of Internet security and content filtering solutions and developer of SpySubtract PRO.

James Healan of reports: CWShredder is back. Merijn has sold the source code and rights to CWShredder to Intermute. They have published an updated version at CWShredder still is a free download and now is being updated once again on a continuing basis to deal with new variants of the CWS hijacker.

Intermute will continute to provide the tool both as a free download and as part of their product: CoolWebSearch is probably one of the most vicious and hardest to eliminate pieces of spyware circulating on the Internet today, said Ed English, CEO of InterMute, Inc. We are proud to offer CWShredder as a free download, and we plan to integrate its powerful functionality into SpySubtract PRO to give our customers the most robust protection available against invasive forms of software.