Holy Hobbits, Batman!

What would you say if I told you that there were, in fact, Hobbit-like people that roamed the Indonesian landscape according to a recent article that I read? Now think about this for a minute. This in essence changes everything we know about the evolution of man. If these findings are authentic, this could be the discovery of the century. Now, this brings up another thought. What would it be like if we still had these Hobbit-like people around today? Perhaps they would share some of the same stature and characteristics as ‘little people’ do in our time. To be honest, it could mean an endless source of speculation if one let his or her imagination run wild with it.

That is just too much, isn’t it? The discovery of a new human-like species. Averaged at three feet in height, it would be fascinating to learn more about their culture and how they behaved back when they lived in the rain forests of Indonesia. One thing that I find striking is that they were around 18,000 years ago but we just now discovered them!

Could the tall tales of Hobbits and Goblins be based on some form of ancient myth? Perhaps this was the birthplace for the mystical Gnome that would one day inspire Chris to create a dynamic online source for geeks and enthusiasts alike? Only the Hobbit people know the truth, I am afraid. As the folks who unearthed this amazing discovery continue to uncover more and more information, I hope they are able to discover something about how they lived and maybe even how they used ancient technology to better their lives.

In other news, I am still running around like a madman with local people who are fishing for free computer advice. Most of them want me to tell them how they can repair their PCs without having to invest in the time needed to get things running right. Now let me be clear about something here. People calling me for PC advice is fine in moderation, but lately it has been nonstop. I am working on some schedule changes for next week that I am hoping will alleviate some of the time spent on my more repetitive , daily tasks.

Well, I had better get back to work. Have a lot ahead of me and it is not going to complete itself. I hope each of you has a great weekend and I will see you next week. ;o)

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