Mobile Phone Gaming to Top $1 Billion

With all of the mobile activity lately, I am not that surprised to hear that mobile gaming is expected to top $1 billion this year. This information came from a London based group that recently performed a study that shows us mobile gaming is going through the roof.

Based on my own research, I have found that most of the world’s mobile gaming takes place outside of the US. All over the EU, Japan, and many other countries, mobile gaming is just set in ‘explosion mode’.

Video game and mobile phone companies are set to make money this year as customers use phones to zap space invaders or sink game-winning golf putts, pushing the mobile gaming market over $1 billion, a study said.

According to London-based consultancy Screen Digest, mobile phone gaming also will grow by more than six times to $6.4 billion between 2004 and the end of decade.

Currently, Japan and Korea are well ahead of North America and Europe in market size, accounting for nearly 80 percent of all revenues derived from video game play and game downloads, Screen Digest said on Thursday.

A confusing maze of tariffs for downloads and gameplay charged by mobile operators in Europe is depressing early growth in the region, Screen Digest said.

“We think the mobile operators in Europe have not yet got the strategies right to exploit this market to its full potential,” said Screen Digest chief analyst Ben Keen.