A Firm Foundation for the Linux Desktop

You have to wonder. With Linux gaining so much ground lately, one has to ask themselves why hasn’t the X Window System received any real press for its part in Linux’s success?

My answer to this is that the X Window System is sort of behind the scenes a bit. Since it is not really in the public eye that much, the media is not as inclined to pick up on its advances and achievements. Will this change in the future? Perhaps with time as Linux continues to push further into the desktop market.

The X Window System, which is the foundation of graphical displays on Linux, Unix, BSD, and Mac OS X, has long stayed submerged in the public consciousness just as it has been submerged under window managers and heavyweight desktops. (In fact, the desktops bear much of the guilt for torpid response and lavish memory use that observers like to heap on X.) Recently, X as a technology has received more of the attention it deserves, on this site among other places. Yet no one has talked about the organization that makes these advances possible, the thorough makeover it has received in the past year, or the financial neglect that holds desktops back from even greater things.