Prototype Personal NewsReader: Project DU Reader

Project DU Reader, is a good, free RSS newsreader and it offers me an ideal opportunity to analyze in a little more depth:

a) where developers should look in building the next generation of these tools

b) what are the routes to getting deep, viral traction and

c) some ideas for applying innovative new monetization approaches to this.

Project DU Reader is definitely a tool that is breaking new ground in the right direction.

I like the foundations on which Project DU is built, and would much like to help them stretch it out further.

I must also say, that I have seen other similar tools before. Back when I did, like now, have tried to suggest to the developers to widen their horizons and their way of thinking if they wanted to:

a) ever make RSS widely adopted while

b) creating a tool that was found to be useful and

c) which could also provide profitable business to all parties involved (in intelligent, non-intrusive, ethical and creative ways).

I didn’t succeed. So let me try again.

Project DU Reader truly inspired me on the same wavelength that had originally sparked my interest and quest for building a custom RSS reader. It also offered me an opportunity to take up again this very relevant topic, which missing for me, a strong development and engineering lab, I have had to leave to rest for a while.

So here I am, recounting first what I saw inside Project DU Reader that inspired me and then suggesting how this type of tool can be taken to the next level to become an infinitely useful, disruptive and possibly very profitable solution for content publishers of all kinds.

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