Wi-Fi on wheels!

Imagine that you are throwing a shindig and not having badly needed access to the ever-loving broadband Internet. What do you do, what do you do? Well, one might consider give this guy a call.

Super clever Stuart DeVaan might be just the guy to contact in this type of situation. He has figured out how to provide Wi-Fi Internet via his very own specially equipped van. Totally perfect if you are needing to stream content to the Web, DeVaan is the man to call.

When precision-drumming band Savage Aural Hotbed practices on Wednesdays, its fans can drop by via cyberspace. Band member Stuart DeVaan has put a Web camera in the Minneapolis rehearsal space so jam sessions can be streamed live over the Internet.

But DeVaan didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to Web-stream any performance, anywhere, even one outdoors. This created a technical challenge: Where would he find a high-speed Net access? It’s not as if the jacks are common outdoors.