The Doggy Ate My Manual

Q: I’m missing a manual to one of the products that I own. It was really nice to have a detailed guide to this complicated product. How can I find another copy of the manual?

A: It would be great if we could just turn things on and they would work, but at this current time, that’s just a dream. We find ourselves repeatedly referring to manuals to figure out the how, what, and why of a particular product. Without this detailed guide, you may just end up scratching your head in confusion.

If the dog eats your manual, there are ways to recover that information – without a stomach pump. The first thing that you should do is browse through the manufacturer’s Web site to see if it provides an online version of the manual. In many cases, you will find a copy up on the Web. If it doesn’t provide an online version, you could try e-mailing the company to see if it’ll provide you with a replacement. Don’t knock it until you try it; this method could yield results for you. If these suggestions don’t work, it’s a possibility that you’ll find what you’re looking for on eBay. Hey, if you can buy toenails on eBay, I’m sure you can find a simple product manual.

One final suggestion that I’m going to offer is that you check out LiveManuals. It has a database of product manuals that you can search through, as well as product simulations and interactive elements that take the idea of a regular manual one-step further.

If those convulsing Tickle Me Elmo dolls were easier to operate, we wouldn’t have the need for a manual.

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