ATI’s Next-Generation Product almost ready

For those of you that might have been concerned that ATI has been asleep at the wheel lately, rest assure that they have been quite busy. Just sent to the partner foundrys, the ATI R520 chip is well on its way to a card near you.

Before rushing out to the stores to investigate this further, understand that it will still be some time before this has had an opportunity to be placed into a vid-card. Hey, wondrous things take time after all. ;o)

ATI Technologiesí next-generation high-end visual processing unit code-named R520 has been taped out, reports Beyond3D web-site citing analysts from Goldman Sachs research firm who had presumably been at ATIís Analyst Day last week. The news confirms ATI is on-track to launch its new high-end product in the first half of 2005.

A high-ranking source close to ATI Technologies confirmed X-bit labs that the chip had been taped out, which means that the completed design of the processor has been sent to an ATIís foundry partner. The source said the chip would be made using 90nm process technology, presumably at TSMC, and will be launched commercially in the first half of next year.