Cookin' With Google

Are you the primary cook in your family? If your idea of cooking involves something called Easy Mac, then you’re probably not the type of person people turn to for a home cooked meal. The result of cooking can either be disgusting, mediocre, or stupendous. The outcome depends on what the cook does to liven things up and make the dish unique. If all of the recipes in your recipe book have been completely overdone, it’s time to try something new and exciting. Most people would probably browse through a published recipe book or Web site for some new ideas, but did you know that you could even search for specific recipes through Google? That’s right, the search engine that we have pushed to the limits has come through for us once again. Now that your taste buds are tingling, head on over to Cookin’ With Google for customized recipe searching.

The creator of this tool was the lead author of Google Hacks, so it only makes sense that this type of resource would come from someone like that. To use the recipe search, all you have to do is type a couple of ingredients in, and select the kind of recipe that you want. The service then searches Google to find recipes that match your specific criteria. You can even narrow things down to recipes for vegetarians, diabetics, and people on the Atkins Diet. When you only have a certain number of ingredients on hand, use Cookin’ With Google to figure out what’s for dinner.