Linux has a cure for what’s ailing ya!

NewsForge reports that that even Pharmacies are going with Linux. At first Medicine Chest Pharmacy in Hayward, Calif. was going to go with a Windows solution until a local Computer Tech informed them that Rx30 Pharmacy Management System was available for Linux.

To me, this is proof positive that software vendors are beginning to realize that Windows is not the only way to go anymore. This proves to be especially true once you get into the overseas markets.

Family-owned Medicine Chest Pharmacy in Hayward, Calif., was running Windows NT — until Microsoft pulled support for that operating system. Faced with a choice between a massive expenditure to upgrade to Windows 2000 and the sometimes challenging freedom of going with open source, pharmacist James Cohen decided to think outside the box.

The Medicine Chest has been in operation since 1985. It’s an independent drugstore that focuses on customer service and the personal touch. The old-fashioned soda fountain up front adds an element of nostalgia designed to create a family atmosphere.

The company has a small network consisting of one server and five intelligent workstations. The foundation application is the Rx30 Pharmacy Management System, a program that streamlines all the functions needed by a typical pharmacy: prescription tracking and filling, drug interaction monitoring, and accounts receivable.