Queen gives it away!

From the band that brought us the Flash Gordon theme song back in 1980 (yikes that was a bad movie), Queen is combating music piracy their own way. How you ask? By giving away their music for free! Well OK, maybe free is not completely accurate. But with the deal they are offering, it is the next best thing.

An interesting approach, but it will certainly help to prevent people from stealing their music I suppose. Then again, the only song that I ever liked from them was ‘Another one bites the dust’.

Using expert advice, the band has selected the best illegal Queen recordings and will make them available to download on their official website.

The downloads will be available at the rate of three tracks each month, at a fixed cost of 5 per recording.

All proceeds will be donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, to combat Aids.

Pirate music has increased tenfold since Freddie Mercury’s death in 1991.

As one of the most pirated bands in the world there is a mass of illegal Queen material now available on the web.

Only a tiny fraction of these are worth being sought out by fans and collectors and Queen have sought expert advice regarding the best of the material.

Queen bootleg experts Frank Hazenberg, Andreas Voigts, Frank Palstra singled out what they consider the most interesting and significant material, judged on quality of sound and range of material.