Symantec pushes into the mobile world

Now while I still believe that the need for mobile antivirus software is not that critical, the need for proper mobile security most certainly is. In a move that I respect Symantec for, they are going to be working to make sure that our security needs are being met.

Why the big push though? Well with 3G services becoming more common, it is important that we are prepared for this. Taking the approach that we had with the land-locked PC is not the way to go.

Symantec Corp. is making a major push to get its security products into more mobile phones as 3G (third-generation) services and smart phone use spreads internationally, company executives said in Tokyo on Thursday. “The growing levels of adoption of mobile devices mean that we need to protect these with the level of capability that you see in the desktop world,” said John Thompson, Symantec’s chairman and chief executive officer.

On Nov. 3 the company announced availability of its Symantec Client Security software for two Nokia Corp. phones, the Nokia 9500 Communicator and the 9300 smartphone model, which use the Symbian operating system.

In Japan, where 3G services are already widespread and are continuing to grow, the company is now talking to carriers and handset makers to offer them as yet undisclosed Symantec products, Thompson said in an interview.

“We’ve met several times with a number of potential partners to show them how to protect their 3G phones. We’re working on a broad strategy,” he said.