The Xbox hardware SOS

Now this is news I can use! Having heard horror stories about Xboxes gone wild, finding a tutorial like this is something that will most certainly make many people out there feel a lot better.

Speaking for myself, I can honestly say that I have not really had that much trouble with it. Still, nothing is worse than getting all set down to play your favorite game just to have it not work properly. Very frustrating indeed.

You may notice that some of your games play fine while others do not. This is usually because some games are on DVD media and some are on CD media. CD’s are single layer media while DVD’s are multi layer media. This means it is easier to read a CD than it is to read a DVD. The concept of a DVD is to have several semi transparent layers of data. It is sort of like taking a few CD’s stacking them together and smooshing them into a single disc. To read the 2-4 layers of data you must ignore the previous layers and pay attention to ones deeper in the disc. Obviously this is a more complex task and more subject to read errors. My description is not entirely accurate to keep the concepts easy to understand (if anyone would like to reference a technical explanation send me a link)