Wi-Fi in Dublin

Contrary to popular belief, Wi-Fi in most European cities is pretty much available everywhere. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case in Dublin from what I am reading at Wi-Fi Networking News.

This is a shame since there is so much to ‘blog’ about there. With so many sites and attractions, how sad it is that you would have to wait to get back to a hotel that offers Internet in order to share your discoveries with the world.

I’m in Dublin for a couple of weeks and seem to have stumbled into a town that has only barely embraced Wi-Fi: I’ve talked to a couple of locals about the market for Wi-Fi so have anecdotally confirmed that I’m not just a confused foreigner who can’t seem to find the hotspots.

While my hotel, the Westin, has hotspot coverage from Swisscom and operators such as BT Openzone and O2 also offer for-pay hotspots, they are few and far between and the instance of free hotspots is quite rare. I paid the exorbitant 25 for a day pass in my room with plans to look online for free spots in town. I found a very short list–ten total. I started writing this offline from a cafe in a popular shopping center just across from St. Stephen’s Green, a park in the center of town. I found the cafe listed online as a free hotspot and I can see the signal but can’t connect to it. There’s not another person with a laptop in the large cafe. Another cafe across the road I believe was free once, but now is a for-fee site operated by BT Openzone. My hotel is just across the street from Trinity College, which surprisingly also doesn’t seem to have much–if any–Wi-Fi coverage.