Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

The Crusaders is referred to as an ‘action-tactics game’ although I would stick with the term RPG myself. A sequel to Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes, this game is much improved over its previous incarnation.

Besides being a game that is in fact being recommended, Crusaders allows you to connect with up to 480 people, which should make you happy. Not bad for a run of the mill Xbox game.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is the Xbox-exclusive sequel to an apparently mediocre and derivative Warcraft II clone that I’ve never heard of, Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes. After 50 years of peace following the conclusion of that game, a human border town is attacked by the Dark Legion, an empire of dark elves, orcs, ogres, and other various nasties, all kept in line by their vampire overlords. With war thrust upon them, the humans ally once again with the high elves and dwarves to fight back the hellspawn and, in the process, try to reclaim the Holy Ground for themselves.Gameplay: Although it’s an action-tactics game, Korean developer Phantagram has chucked the base building elements found in its PC predecessor to focus entirely on combat. There are two seamlessly-integrated modes, maneuvering and combat, and each has its own controls. Depending on the troops selected, you can use your pull-down mini-map to give directions, set waypoints, cast spells, send out scouts, retreat, set traps, and even launch a volley of fire arrows to ignite a forest or campsite. When in combat, players directly control the hero and can use combos or special moves to help cut through the enemy.