Finding people who share similar interests with you can be a real challenge. Sure, you can usually find people to talk to and learn from on the Internet, but what about finding individuals where you live? We thrive on human interaction, and when we find other people who like the same stuff we do, it makes us as happy as clams – whatever that means. To start networking with other individuals who are just like you, check out Meetup.

Upon visiting the site, go ahead and search for something that you’re interested in. In most cases you’ll be presented with a listing of categories dealing with that subject that you can choose from. If there’s a group in your area, join them and get to know the members. Regular localized meetups are scheduled, and these events give you the opportunity to chat with other likeminded individuals. Don’t be downhearted if you can’t find a group in your area; just start your own! Granted, you may be the only member for quite some time (better hold off on ordering those nametags), but people may drift in eventually. To get you started, there are several Lockergnome groups that you can look into. Join in on the fun with other Lockergnome fans and speculate on important topics such as whether Chris Pirillo wears boxers or briefs.