Gmail Me, Baby!

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! – The IT industry’s answer to the help column, only slightly more medicated. Today, R.A. Baro writes:

Greetings Matt,
I’ve been trying to obtain Gmail for the longest time. I get error messages like: default mail client not installed properly. Or: cannot enter e-mail. I like Google, but I don’t get through to get a response from them or a support individual that can help me. Can you help me proceed? What can I do to get through to them or get this corrected so that I can obtain Gmail and all its services

I can see how this might be confusing. In order to use the Gmail e-mail service, someone with access must invite you. Since Google is still beta testing this service, there are a select few people that started out with them. From there, people that had the accounts were able to offer ‘invites’ to their friends. Since it is unlikely that you are going to have an invite appear in your inbox here in the near future, I will set you up with one. Just open the e-mail and follow the instructions. I wish I had invites for everyone, but this is my last one. Sorry. :o(

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