Space Invaders OpenGL

If you have been keeping track of the programs I’ve been featuring lately, you’ll quickly realize that remakes of classic games have been popping up here rather frequently. You know, these classics game ideas don’t have to die, and there are plenty of developers who are putting their efforts into improving these goodies. Complexity is usually wrapped around modern games, and this gets old from time to time. Sometimes you just want to jump into a game that doesn’t really require any thought… just your reflexes. I recently found another superb remake, and this time it improves on the Space Invaders concept. Strap in for one great looking ride with Space Invaders OpenGL.

I thought I’d seen all of the possible Space Invader rip-offs before, but this one completely blew me away. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and the sound design works well with the overall look of the game. Apparently space people love their electronic dance fusion. You can even place your own MP3 files in the game so you can blast away to your own tunes, whether they are Iron Maiden or Frank Sinatra. The powerups and level changes just make this game even more fun to watch and play. If you really want to have some fun, use your mouse to flip and turn the entire game screen! The angles that you can use make the experience that much better. I found Space Invaders OpenGL to be extremely easy, but the entire game package is very well put together. What this developer has done with a classic game like Space Invaders just shows that you can teach an old game new tricks.

[750K] [Win9x/2k/XP] [FREE]