Wireless hardware for your handheld

Thought this was interesting. According to PDAToday, Linksys is offering a 802.11g CompactFlash (CF) Card designed to give a number of PDAs wireless connectivity.

This is definitely a spiffy little piece of hardware if I ever saw one. I might just have to look into one of these for myself when the opportunity presents itself. Then again, I am always looking for an opportunity to spend money on the world’s coolest gadgets.

Linksys(R), a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., the leading provider of broadband, wireless and networking hardware for the consumer and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) markets, today announced the Wireless-G CompactFlash Card (WCF54G), the latest addition to the current Wireless-G line.

The Wireless-G CompactFlash (CF) Card offers users the speed and convenience of wireless networking on a PDA. The CF Card installs directly into your Pocket PC using a CompactFlash Type II slot. The user-friendly software makes it easy to set up — then it’s ready to share data, printers, or high-peed Internet access over existing wireless networks at speeds up to 54Mbps. The 802.11g CF card is also backward compatible with Wireless-B (802.11b) wireless networks.