Bring Your Camera Phone on Your Next Spy Mission for Built-in Scanner

When camera phones first came out, they were little more than a novelty for trendy teens in high school trying to create an identity
for themselves in this over-filled gadget world. Flashing battery packs, clear cases, and MIDI ringtones weren’t enough to stand
out of the crowd with. Well, now, nearly all new feature-packed cell phones have a camera built in. They
just come that way now and with projections of camera phones outselling traditional digital cameras by next year, those high school
teens are going to have to find something else to stand out with… again.

But for the adults, what use do these cameras have? Really, sending MMS images to TextAmerica isn’t a use more then a game
to win Editors Pick weekly then anything else. But Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Motorola, and the other cellular phone manufacturers
seem to think there is a use for these. Well, so does Xerox. Ya, the document company. Their invention could not only give these phones a use, but a major boost
in already high sales. See, Xerox wants you to scan images like a flatbed scanner would. Well, not totally like a flatbed; you
don’t have to shine a super bright light in a thin line over your image and slowly drop from the top to bottom of the image, but getting
close enough to make out what it is is a requirement.

Xerox feels it can take a camera phone and four steps to output a “scanned” image for you to use as any other scanned image
would be used. By snapping a picture with your phone, Xerox’s software will correct blurring in step two. It then goes onto the
next step of converting the image to black and white. This allows for handwritten or colored writing to be easily contrasted for
the software. In its final step, it compresses the image to one-tenth of the original JPEG format, and you’re good to go. Mail it,
save it, archive it. You now have a scanned document! Xerox claims that white boards in boardrooms across America can now be
easily scanned as well as handwritten notes from that very same meeting. The possibilities are endless, really, if you think about

For the company credited for the beginnings of Ethernet, the Macintosh interface, and the mouse, it can now can add one more
amazing item to its PARC: camera phone scanners. 🙂