No Hard Drive Activity!

Welcome to Just Ask Matt! – The IT industry’s answer to the help column, only slightly more medicated. Today, Rich writes:

Whenever I begin to recall a file from any program, it seems the computer gets stupid. I see no hard drive activity, and if I get impatient and double-click on the file I want several times, the file screen says, “not responding.” After several seconds, suddenly everything starts and I can easily select a file.

Well Rich, there are a few things that could be happening here. Since I am not able to see what has been installed recently, nor what software you are using that stops responding, I am going to do some basic speculating.

If this is happening with multiple programs, you might want to run a spyware scan and anti-virus scan to make sure you do not have something nasty on your PC causing this problem. Also, if you are seeing no hard drive activity at all, then you might want to run a CHKDSK (assuming you run XP/2K). This works to fix some of the bad areas on your hard drive that might be causing some issues.

What makes this tough to diagnose over a long distance is that it is happening with a variety of programs. One thing to try, however, is to make sure the file you are trying to open is compatible with the program(s) you are using. Also, if the file you are trying to open is corrupted, and then you might find that this could be the problem too. Good luck!

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