3421 Users Surveyed: Is XP Service Pack 2 Safe To Install?

Infopackets Gazette Reader ‘Dak59’ writes:

Dear Dennis,
I’ve read quite a few different things about Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), but some of the comments I read are varying. Is it safe to install? Would you advise to download SP2, or not?

My response:

I would recommend installing SP2, as it offers many new security
features that are not otherwise available as a "patch" or "hot fix"
using the Windows Update Web site.

I am not alone in this opinion, as they are countless reputable
Web sites that are promoting the usefulness of SP2 (including:



, and

). However, it is critical
that you go through the necessary precautions before applying SP2 to
your computer, as it may result in a failed installation (more info
about that further down).

RE: 3421 Users Surveyed: Is XP Service Pack 2 safe to install?


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