Back it up, AOL style!

Now this is putting AOL’s servers to really good use. If this works as described, AOL will have moved up a notch in my world for sure. PCWorld states that AOL will enable their customers to backup their important files for a fee.

The proposal seems fair enough and I think that AOL deserves some recognition for this move. I have been hard on them in the past and still do not approve over much of how they conduct business. With that said, I have to give it up for them here. Nice job guys.

America Online is developing a new service that will let its members back up files from their PCs onto AOL data centers, so members can recover files either deleted accidentally or lost due to a hard-drive failure, an AOL executive says.

“The concept is for users to very easily, either automatically or with one click, back up files from their hard drives to the AOL data centers,” says Kerry Parkins, director of product marketing at AOL.

The backup feature is an interesting one to add to the AOL online service, but its adoption will depend heavily on AOL’s making a case to members about its benefits, since PC users in general aren’t in the habit of backing up their hard-drive data, says David Card, a Jupiter Research analyst.