How to Get Rid of Unwanted Cookies from Internet Explorer

We’ve talked some about cookies (the kind that are saved on your computer, not the kind that you eat, although look at the bottom of this post for a great cookies-that-you-eat recipe!)

Some of the most frequently asked questions that Aunty gets regarding cookies are “how can I find out what cookies are lurking on my computer?” and “how can I get rid of them?”

Well, part of the reason this is such a confusing topic for users with Internet Explorer is that different versions of IE store cookies in different locations, and that can be influenced further by which version of Windows you are using.

Further, where IE used to store all cookies in a single file called, oddly enough, “cookies.txt,” IE now stores cookies as individual files in a “cookies” folder.

So, the way to find all of the cookies currently residing on your hard drive is to first close IE, and then search using your favorite file management software… [Continued]