Life Begins at Eighty … On the Internet

Life Begins at Eighty … On the Internet – Eric Shackle’s eBook: Late in 2000, an Australian writer and a South African computer expert, who had first met on the Internet, combined talents to publish what they believe is the world’s first multi-national electronic book. Now they have discovered, to their surprise, that they were both born in Essex – in different generations. The free eBook, “Life Begins at Eighty … On the Internet” by veteran Sydney journalist Eric Shackle, can be found on Barry Downs’s Kimberley Web site,listed above, linked to other sites in the United States, England, Scotland, Australia and Bangladesh. Articles from the various sites cover a wide range of topics: the world’s biggest turkey and largest hailstones, computer-generated anagrams, mysterious lights in Texas and Queensland, 15 towns named Rugby, Global English, and how to cultivate a herb said to ease arthritic pains. This is very well worth the read not only for elders but for all those interested in many cuurent and exciting happenings on the Internet! This has been added to Elder Resources Subject Tracer™ Information Blog.