Hey, just Zipit!

PDAs and mobile phones are not the only things flying off the shelves these days in the wireless technology realm. These days, we also have handheld instant messengers that will actually work right off of local Wi-Fi networks in the immediate area.

The only downside that I found with the device was that it seems sort of bulky and the colors are really not my thing.

Nigel Ballard reviews the Zipit: a tiny, expensive instant messaging appliance that can attach to a Wi-Fi network. Although it’s weird and pricey, Nigel likes it.

Nigel writes:

My Zipit arrived, blister packed and complete with an integral Lithium Ion battery pack and the smallest AC charger known to man.

Setting it up was a breeze, simple on-screen instructions tell you what to do. And before you can say boo to a goose [ed. note: Nigel is British—gf], the Zipit is off connecting to the first open (visible) network it can see. It doesn’t even wait and ask “Is it ok to connect to this one?” it just does.