Musiwave Delivers Music Over Mobile for Vodafone

Nothing beats good tunes while you are traveling, but on your mobile wireless devices? You better believe it! Yes, there is now a great 3G music service from the good folks at Vodafone.

Sounds like fun, I would love to have an opportunity to really sample this out and see what sort of selection they have to offer.

ull-Track Music Download Service Enabled in Six European Countries. Vodafone’s 3G music download service will be available to subscribers on Vodafone live! using 3G handsets such as the Sony Ericsson V800, Nokia 6630, Motorola V980 and E1000.

Paris, France – Musiwave, a provider of mobile music entertainment services, today announced that it is providing the technical infrastructure and content management for Vodafone’s 3G full track music download services in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Sweden. The service has also been extended to Germany, where Vodafone launched the Music on Demand 2.5G service in July 2004.

Through Vodafone live!, 3G customers will be able to access thousands of full length music tracks, direct to their mobile phones, from some of the world’s greatest local and international artists