Have to say, the name of this specific game reminds me of that movie, ‘CopLand’. Unlike that movie however, this Scrapland game looks like it might be a blast to try. Carrying the official ‘American McGee’ name does certainly lend this game some credibility which is always good.

The basic idea is that you are consciousness that has the ability to inhabit a wide selection of robots. Since this is a ‘post-human’ Earth, your choices are unfortunately limited to just robots though. This is a shame, I would have liked a little more variety I think.

While the official title is “American McGee Presents Scrapland,” we think you’ll agree that Scrapland says it all. You play a “consciousness” that can inhabit many different kinds of robots in a futuristic, post-human Earth that is run by cartoony machines. Your character is a robotic investigative reporter who has to gumshoe his way through a crime investigation, taking control of other robots, dodging the cops, and flying odd aircraft in the process.