Palm VirtualBoss

Who’s the boss? Your PDA of course! Nah, seriously though. According to VersionTracker, Palm VirtualBoss is a very powerful scheduling system that can really help you to get a firm grip on your life.

When incorporated with PC VirtualBoss, this software is a superb tool to get your day going with a real bang!

VirtualBoss for the Palm is a powerful stand-alone scheduling system that can be combined with PC VirtualBoss to make a truly all-in-one scheduling system. Palm VirtualBoss gives you all the information you need about, contacts, jobs, and schedules. Whether you want to schedule your jobs or update your punch lists while you are away from the office, this program can do it for you. And when combined with PC VirtualBoss you can automatically sync your changes with those on your desktop. But why stop there? When linked with PC VirtualBoss you can print, email, and fax work orders and schedules to any number of subs or employee’s in just a few clicks. This is a truly simple solution to a complex scheduling need.

VirtualBoss also offers many helpful forms as well as several other nice features including 1-step schedule update; import/export to/from Excel; fast job copy feature; ability to track Workmans Comp. & Insurance; Service Items; calendar and Gantt chart view; network compatibility; automatic backup and restore features; as well as many others. VirtualBoss provides a powerful solution at an affordable price that’s powerful, intuitive, user-friendly, and functional.