AirMagnet, Engim Partner for Three Radio Platform

Engim and AirMagnet are going to be working closely together to bring us a powerful three-radio-in-one solution. Wi-Fi Networking reports that Engimís chipsets have the capability of bringing multiple wireless solutions into one design.

Now AirMagnet comes into the loop in the problem prevention capacity. They will be able to provide security to this endeavour with network tracking, performance monitoring, plus other important areas of the actual network itself.

Chipmaker Engim and WLAN monitoring firm AirMagnet partner for powerful three-radio-in-one solution: Engimís chipsets can provide the equivalent of several radios within a single design. The chips process all of the signals in the 802.11a, b/g, or a and b/g bands (depending on configuration) and then dole out the details to on-board media access controllers. This lets them coordinate and analyze frequency use in a way that multiple physical radios cannot.

The neat part of this is that the silicon gives access to the spectral picture in a way that can be broken off and used separately. Airespace was the first firm to combine spectrum analysis with WLAN access points in a single device, and they accomplish this by licensing the code from Atheros that gives them access to the baseband. Now, a partnership between Engim and AirMagnet on Engimís reference design will allow the two companies to offer three radios in a single box in which two can be set to be access points and a third can be a dedicated AirMagnet monitor.