Securing Secure Digital

I picked up a 1GB SD card the other day… for $60 and a $15 mail-in rebate. I only have one device that supports Secure Digital at the moment, but it seems to be the “removable media” of choice for products today. I’m not sure if prices will go much lower than this before the end of the year, but I wouldn’t skip any of these deals if you have the chance. I’ve heard of 512MB units going for half that price, but… you should always go for the most you can afford. And it’s not just SD – there’s other memory on sale, too! From the SD Association:

This tiny, easy-to-use card offers a host of powerful advantages. It links various kinds of digital equipment through its easy connectivity, that supports a host of application formats and does not require the use of a PC. Further, the SD Memory card has the broad interoperability and compatibility needed to ensure that its applications will continue to expand far into the future. Already supported by more than 665* companies around the world, the SD Memory Card is well on its way to becoming the de facto standard memory card for digital connectivity. Soon, the SD Memory Card will provide universal access to an even wider array of multi-media data. The ubiquitous network era is coming, and its key is the SD Memory Card.

One Gnomie adds: “Flash memory has dropped through the floor recently since more manufacturers are coming online, making for a more competitive market that has lead (fortunately for us consumers) to cheaper prices.”