Happy New Year!

Got any good New Year’s Eve plans? We’re gonna welcome the New Year with new people, meeting most of them for the first time. One of my friends at Microsoft has invited us to a small, casual New Year’s Eve party. At first, I thought it was a trick – he’s the same guy who…

Gestures control true 3D display

While this Crystal ball of sorts may seem more akin to a mouse, you have to just love the poke this article makes at the game manufactures like Nintendo and Sony. Could this actually become the controller of the future? My magic eight ball seems to doubt it.

Gaming Hacks – the book

When I read that the folks at Boing, Boing Blog thought that a technical book was engrossing, I figured it had to be about some wild security exploits or something else equally exciting. As it turns out though, the books is all about game hacking. Speaking as a guy that enjoys a game or ten…

NVIDIA and ATi: Game Over

Looks like Tom’s Hardware has decided to take the high-moral ground with the new GeForce 6200. After reading their reasoning behind their new approach to these rush-to-market cards, I have to give them a big thumbs up. What am I talking about, read all about it for yourself.

Gaming Laptop Generations: The ABS Mayhem G3

A good notebook PC is a must have for any geek that is on the move. For me, it is most handy when I am sitting in my easy chair eating dinner and trying to bust out my latest series of articles. But notebooks for gaming, I don’t know. Tom’s Hardware has done a review…